Natuur – Gentle Baby Balm – 100gms

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Natuur’s Gentle Baby Balm is a natural, safe, and gentle skincare product formulated with the mildest ingredients for your baby’s delicate skin.It can be used as a massage oil, hair oil, or bath oil.

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Key Features :

  • Soothes itching and irritation: Our balm contains a blend of natural ingredients, including turmeric, mint leaves, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil, which are all known for their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. These ingredients work together to reduce itching and irritation, and help to promote healing.
  • Relieves swelling and pain: Insect bites can often cause swelling and pain, especially in babies with sensitive skin. Our balm contains ingredients that help to reduce swelling and inflammation, and to relieve pain.
  • Protects the skin: Our balm forms a protective layer over the affected area, which helps to prevent infection and further irritation.
  • Is safe for babies: Our balm is made with natural ingredients and is free of harsh chemicals, making it safe for even the most delicate baby skin.
  • Is easy to use: Our balm is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. You can use it as often as needed to provide relief for your baby’s insect bites.

Brand: Natuur
Type: Gentle Baby Balm

Product Description :

Natuur Gentle Baby Balm is a natural and effective solution for parents seeking relief for their baby’s skin irritation and pain caused by insect bites. Our Ayurvedic blend of oils and soothing herbs work together to help treat inflammation, swelling, and redness caused by mosquito or insect bites.

Specifically formulated for babies, our balm soothes itching and irritation caused by insect bites, helping to keep your little one happy and comfortable. Its gentle, yet effective, soothing properties work to relieve swelling and pain associated with mosquito bites, which can often disrupt your baby’s sleep.

Our Ayurvedic blend of healing ingredients, including Turmeric, Mint Leaves, Jojoba oil, and Tea Tree Oil, is specially formulated to soothe itching and redness caused by insect bites. These ingredients are safe for delicate baby skin, providing relief against irritation and swelling. How to use:

Apply a small amount of balm to the affected area and massage gently until absorbed. You can use the balm as often as needed.

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1 Pack of Gentle Baby Balm

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