About Us

About NaDhukan:

NaDhukan started with a Moto to make Indian Artists and other Talented people to the world market as “For Indian – By Indian”. We have strictly restricted to Indian Brands and India-based manufactured products only.

NaDhukan is an India Based E-Commerce company that deals with multi-variant things. Na Dhukan is Operated from Bangalore, Andhra Pradesh, and Kanpur (Soon) India. We always strive to make good and finest service to our customers. We give the most important the Quality of Products and Services to our customers without any compromise. We started with the idea of every individual owning a shop at their finger steps where everyone feels their own without any limitations and also without any compromise.

NaDhukan always tries to give customization to end customers in every aspect. As part of its first time in the Indian marketplace, we introduced customized furniture, home decor, clothing, and gifts, and we trying to give in every product.


We established it on 5th December 2020. We registered under Government of Andhra Pradesh (Head Office).

Sub Office we established at Bangalore and soon start at Kanpur and Delhi. We created a milestone in delivery systems during the Covid-19 Pandemic time that we delivered within 2 Hours to the customers

Registration Of Company:

Company Registration is done under Andhra Pradesh Under ESTTS Act 1988 and Start-Up India which is initiated by the Central Government of India

Application Number: IRE012102654715

Registration Number (LIN): AP-08-24-001-02561855

Company Registered Name: OS Groups.

OS Groups is a group of companies that are incorporated in One Stop Market, Nadhukan, We decor, and other investments in multiple start-up and manufacturing companies.

OS Groups also hold South India Share of Radix Industries.


Listed as Best Startup Companies in Bangalore by “Best Start-up India” Magazine.

Angel.Co a venture capitalist-based company listed Na Dhukan as Asia’s Top Internet Start-up in 2022-2023.

Na Dukan has been nominated for Best E-Commerce Awards 2023 by World Commerce Awards. We are now under 250 Leader boards.

Na Dhukan is listed in “Your Story” as E-Commerce Companies in India https://yourstory.com/companies/na-dhukan

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