Chintakupodi (Tamarind Powder)


➤Ingredients – Selected tamarind leaves, sesame seeds, dry red chilies salt & Garlic Cloves
➤How TO Use – This Powder is eaten with hot rice & ghee or with idly/ Dosa. It is a healthy Powder in many ways.
➤BENEFITS -Chintaku podi is a yummy, Mouth watering spicy powder. This is an ancient traditional receipt popular in the regions of Andhra Pradesh and telangana. This yum chutney powder are made from naturally and organically procured vegitables and fruits and does not contain any preservatives.
➤MANUFACTURING PROCESS – During the manufacturing process we analyze samples and visually inspect every product at the end of product line while making this, so we can offer you best Organic product which is rarely available.
Best before 3 months of packing

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